future of DBA post autonomous database 18c


                                   Life of DBA

Database administration considered as a formidable role in IT industry , it takes huge efforts to get noticed after background work performed by every individual DBA through qualification , certification and innovation.

Day to day production issue handling across the clock 24/7 , keeping database up and running , abandon work-life balance , performing optimal to application queries without a single human error or common mistakes is backbreaking.

            • Database health check 
            • Backup / Recovery
            • Performance Tuning
            • Patching / Upgrades
            • User queries
            • Security
            • Root cause analysis
            • Client process


     Launch of autonomous database cloud 18c
        • Self- Driving
        • Self- Scale
        • Self- Repair


      No more need of DBA ?                                                                                       

                                        DBA , What Next ?

Impact of oracle 18c on DBA and responsibility Change :

1) Opportunity for DBA's to move from data custodian / keepers to taking on strategic role in organization

2) DBA's need to understand what business do with data rather than just the mechanics of keeping database healthy , up and running

3) cloud vendors have already started taking over DBA's maintenance task's , we have already experience DBaaS (Database As A Service) taking up one click RAC , Standalone database installation

4) Day to day operational taks ,24/7 on call support , provisioning , dev/test will go away with oracle 18c

5) Availability is no longer responsibility of DBA, as autonomous database already committed for 99.95% uptime through 30 min planned/Unplanned outage only

6) Better opportunity for DBA to balance work-life , have quality time with family friends. Have some space for hobbies.

7) DBA's need to know what business is doing with data and not just mechanics of keeping data accessible or available

DBA will be still responsible for: DB uptime across integrations , data modeling , strategy , security , performance of integrated system or hybrid system.

9) DBA should remove 'B' from 'DBA' and become 'DA' as in "Data Analyst" or "Data Architect" or "Data Administrator"

10) Currently most of the organization moving their existing infrastructure on cloud and which is managed by existing DBA's.

When new project or application requirement will arise to be built in cloud it will be considered as real transition for DBA's.

11) DBA will still be held responsible for security of data.

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