Definition Of Leadership

Dear Leader, 

Congratulation for reaching to the leadership level by running over a path which was full of desire, hard-work , commitment , stress , uncertain & fruitful outcome of handling work not only by using smart mind but with heart. 

Leadership seldom comes with choice but surely by positive attitude towards challenges you comes across.It brings loads of expectations not only from management but every person who looks up towards you as hope. 

After working over 10yrs in IT industry, teaming up with multiple mind sets within work life and outside of it,  learning though the examples set by many legends from my favorite sports of cricket listing down the 10 definition of leadership which can be referred & experienced as a guideline for success. 

  1. 1. You are a team member first then Leader ; 80% of your work post transition to leadership role remains same while other 20% you will learn with time as responsibility arise.  
If you reverse the % , over the period you will loose the confidence & respect , may face the consequences too 

10 Checklist points before you publish your blog

Many bloggers gets so much engaged in thinking and writing a blog that they often end up in making major mistakes in published blog.

Listing down 10 points which will serve a successful blogger a reliable checklist before publishing a blog to users.

1. Spelling Check

Although you will find auto spell check correction while writing a blog lines highlighted by underlined color , it is necessary to right click them and choose appropriate word that resembles the meaning of the line written.

2. Blog heading

Blog name should be crystal clear describing intention of the complete write-up containing not more than 10 words or a line.