future of DBA post autonomous database 18c


                                   Life of DBA

Database administration considered as a formidable role in IT industry , it takes huge efforts to get noticed after background work performed by every individual DBA through qualification , certification and innovation.

Day to day production issue handling across the clock 24/7 , keeping database up and running , abandon work-life balance , performing optimal to application queries without a single human error or common mistakes is backbreaking.

            • Database health check 
            • Backup / Recovery
            • Performance Tuning
            • Patching / Upgrades
            • User queries
            • Security
            • Root cause analysis
            • Client process


     Launch of autonomous database cloud 18c
        • Self- Driving
        • Self- Scale
        • Self- Repair

what is oracle 18c autonomous database

Oracle unveils worlds first autonomous database cloud on Oct 2, 2017 by oracle chairman of board and CTO Larry Ellison.


Ground Breaking Machine learning technique to automate and eliminate human labor , reducing human errors, no more manual tuning leading improved availability with high performance and security that is also at very lower cost which reflect as next generation industry-leading databases.

Oracle autonomous database cloud to attain availability of 99.95% with only 30 min of planned/Unplanned downtime.

ASM DiskGroup Migration

Step Wise Disk-Group Migration from DG01 to DG02


DBTST is an Oracle11g single instance database on ASM which holds complete database in Disk Group named DG01 spread across 4*50 GB of Disks. Objective is to migrate complete databases from DG01 to DG02 Disk Group. Here DG02 is a new Disk Group on 500 GB disk (/dev/mapper/mpathe)

col NAME for a20
col PATH  for a40

------- -------- ------- -------- ---------- ---------- -------- --------------- ----------------------------------------
           1           2 CACHED  NORMAL                 51200    51200         43 DG01_0002    /dev/mapper/mpathc
           1           1 CACHED  NORMAL                 51200    51200         41 DG01_0001    /dev/mapper/mpathb
           1           3 CACHED  NORMAL                 51200    51200         45 DG01_0003    /dev/mapper/mpathd
           1           0 CACHED  NORMAL                 51200    51200         46 DG01_0000    /dev/mapper/mpatha

           0           0 CLOSED  NORMAL                 512000          0          0                      /dev/mapper/mpathe

Migration Steps:

preparing for oracle certification

Scope of this document is to highlight the benefits of certification and its preparation , it does not target to specific exam certification code or syllabus but to provide hints to prepare them all.it can be referred by all technology aspiring certified professionals and not just oracle

Oracle certification is an educational program by oracle university to increase the oracle user base in the form of profiles like  dba , developers , architects , business analysts which has following benefits

1.Self pride 
"I am an oracle certified professional/expert/master" these few words itself has so much of weight & efforts behind it. Certification adds on the self pride for sure if done in proper way else it is just an another piece of paper (will explain it why , soon..)