Top 30 Oracle 19c feature quick look to make dba life easy

 #1 Dynamic fast_start_failover setting to allow changing standby database without need of stopping and starting the data guard broker. 

 #2 Observe-only mode to discover any failures anticipated during fail over without performing actual transition to available standby database. 

 #3 Propagate restore point to standby which was created in primary database to perform point in time recovery. This allows standby to be restored back to the same state as primary using restore point information kept in control file.

 #4 Standby db flashback when primary flashbacks which helps dba by avoiding overhead task of re-creating standby database.

ORA-12899: value too large for column due to 12c char to data length conversion setting

ORA- Error:

ORA-12899: value too large for column "NSM_USER"."NSM_DOC_TYPE_TAB"."DIVISION" (actual: 103, maximum: 100)

Cause :

Table was created with explicit CHAR mentioned in VARCHAR2 data type.
1 CHAR is 4 BYTES.  

create table NSM_DOC_TYPE_TAB (
STATUS varchar2(32 char),   
CMS_CODE       varchar2(10 char),     
DIVISION    varchar2(100 char),   
DEPT   varchar2(255 char)                    

iPhone Vs Android ... Vote & Know More

The two most powerful mobile operating device around the world, Lets find out their comparison and Vote your favorite !  

Work From Home Is it good or bad ?

Pandemic Situation all over the world ( Yaa.. Origin country has recovered ..) has pushed all workers except essential service employees to work from home..

Due to technology work from home is exercised so fluently that many companies thinking of making it as a future working strategy to cut down expenses invested on infrastructure.

While many employees are on cloud 9 due to work from home facility , but their are few who are still thinking this is not a good option for future at all . And i am one of those few !!

Lets have a look what's the gain & the pain ..

Why Work from Home is too good ?

Migraine Disease and Social Conflict

More than 30% population of world has migraine chronic disease and many more yet to identify.

Migraine headache occurs due to its presence in genes or stressful lifestyle , individual has to understand their type of headache and recover or reduce from migraine pain.  

Everyone one who suffer from such illness differs from others mainly during migraine episodes and the learning from such incident leads to finding a solution to keep the pain away as much as possible , but this process causes Social conflict.

Why Migraine causes social conflict ?