RMAN-00600: internal error, arguments [7038] [rec_cl_delarc]


   clone database
    delete archivelog
executing Memory Script
Starting recover at 03-DEC-2017 21:20:54
RMAN-00571: ===============================================
RMAN-00569: ======== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ==========
RMAN-00571: ===============================================
RMAN-03002: failure of Duplicate Db command at 12/03/2017 21:21:05
RMAN-05501: aborting duplication of target database
RMAN-00600: internal error, arguments [7038] [rec_cl_delarc][] [] []


what is a blog ?

Let's start with the dictionary meaning of a blog ,


a webpage regularly updated and maintained by an individual or small group, written in an conversational style to make more impressive.

interview questions on concurrent manager oracle apps with solution

Q1. Why concurrent request is in pending standby mode for long time ?



Phase code Pending and Status code Standby means concurrent request has been processed by ICM (Internal Concurrent Manager) , however it is held by CRM(conflict resolution manager) due to incompatibilities with other programs that are currently running. One more possibility of pending standby is CRM itself is not available / not running.


i. Through SYSADMIN login go to System Administrator responsibility -> concurrent manager -> CRM And check if it is running state if not then activate the same

ii. In above scenario if CRM is running and still concurrent request is in pending standby state then click on verify button and resubmit the request.

iii. if above two steps doesn't help then application developer intervention is required to re-validate the incompatibilities in application developer responsibility -> concurrent -> program -> Incompatibilities 

concurrent manager workflow in oracle apps

Concurrent Manager has executes job defined by program executable as per schedule specified during concurrent request submission.

Concurrent manager has below managers helps to processes the concurrent request based on their defined functions

ICM - Internal concurrent manager

SM - Standard manager
CRM - Conflict resolution manager


1> ICM - Internal Concurrent manager

- TO start/stop/reset other concurrent managers

- Should be running prior to other managers

oracle network error solution

Listing down oracle common network TNS error and solution faced mostly during database administration

You may click on individual ORA- error string to find more details in for of error details , cause and possible solution to fix in your environment.

#1 ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist

#2 ORA-12547: TNS: lost contact