ORA-01031 insufficient privileges kill database session using procedure

Oracle database users remains connected for longer hours without performing any activity which consumes User session/PGA memory.

As a best practice such hovering session should be terminated immediately to reduce burden on session/process resource limit.

Either of the two procedures can be used to kill inactive sessions on database & same can be scheduled using dbms_scheduler. 

too many parse errors error=12872 ORA-12842 Cursor Invalidated During Parallel Execution


Sql job getting stucked on sql id 21j18k2raxgpc when a package is executed in Oracle 12c database ..

Alert log errors ..

WARNING: too many parse errors, count=1700 SQL hash=0xaf2lbe
PARSE ERROR: ospid=79414, error=12872 for statement:

Observing "cursor pin" , "PGA memory operation" wait events for the waiting sql when below session query is executed  ...

Ansible developer Atom IDE setup for playbook testing on Virtual Linux LAB

Well , its difficult to develop a playbook using YAML on linux host wherein syntax can not be verified while writing a code itself.

Atom IDE helps to develop an YAML playbook on host machine with syntax check and provide feature of remote sync to ansible controller on commit.

As pre-requiste to understand LAB & ansible setup refer ..

Step by Step Virtual Linux LAB Setup 

In this article , we will ..

1.  Install & configure IDE on Host machine   

2. Install & test syntax check package for YAML on IDE  

3. Configure remote sync & test "upload on save"

4. Run a playbook to copy a file to target virtual machine 

Ansible Setup Installation & Playbook tests in Linux Virtual Machine LAB

As a pre-requisites for installation , configuration & testing ansible playbook on Linux virtual machine lab also refer Step by Step Linux VM LAB Setup on Virtual Box

In this article we will ...

1. Install ansible on controller linux machine (mylab-tmpl)

2. Configure SSH & hostname on controller  (mylab-tmpl) & target machine  (mylab-srv1)

3. Update inventory & perform ping , restart test using ansible commands / playbooks 

Step by Step installation of Linux Virtual Host personal LAB setup using Oracle Virtual-box

Setting up LAB on personal laptop or desktop is very important now days which helps in saving expenses on cloud services and allows self management of resources to test , develop or demo Proof of Concept setup for rapid growing technologies like containerization , no-sql databases , Ansible automation , azure CI / CD pipeline etc.

In this article will demo ...

1. How to Install Oracle Virtual-Box ?

2. How to create virtual machine using guest Operating System images ?

3. How to configure virtual machine to connect from host machine(using port forwarding) ?

4. How to clone the machine from template virtual machine ?

Let's begin ...