Work Life Balance

                Saiket , a computer engineer aged just less than 30 staying with his family including his wife Renuka , son Ansh in rented house in a City. Nearby to his house his parents as well as in-laws were staying. Having parents nearby was good source of support when Ansh was born and growing. Saiket was working for an IT firm over 5 yrs which is considered amongst the top industries.

Saiket & Renuka were awaiting for their possession of New owned house in new city which was due in early months of the coming new year and they were very much excited about the same with bunch of plans in mind.

                Saiket was considered amongst the top high performers of the project and always given high preference to work than anything else. Considering the same he was given added responsibility of transformation project in addition to his current assignment. Being a good opportunity & scope for knowledge and learning he couldn't deny the new responsibility.

Early in start of the new year the project commenced and he has started contributing to his current assignment & new transformation work deliberately. His working hours started increasing as the new project progressed. Saiket has started extending his support to the project throughout day & night. In a day time mostly he use to support his current assignment and in night which is considered as low business hours the transformation planned activity use to take place.

The exercise time got reduced & almost disappear , sleeping hours started reducing & use to get split in any time throughout a day as per project need. He has started becoming weak & thin unknowingly.

                One day in afternoon he got a call from Renuka (wife) informing about the extension of possession date of their new house by more than a year. It was heartbreaking as their have been two extensions happened in past and this year they were assured to get keys.

Devastated by the news Saiket & Renuka has started preparing new plans. Plan was to move to the new city in rented house and nearby location where new owned but awaited possession house was located from next month onward itself to benefit their son Ansh who was entering in his school age from middle of the year.

The new city was far away from Saiket's office & he use to spend over 3 hrs. a day in transportation. Saiket & Renuka took admission for their Son in new city's reputed school which would allowed their kid to learn without interruption due to change in school. School was at equal & nearby distance from their new city's currently rented as well as owned house whose possession  was awaited/extended.

It was less than a month post shifting to new rented house in new city the transformation project missed the deadline and went into the high pressure situation wherein multiple setup to be migrated in a weeks time. Saiket who was not completely settled in new rented house & with his transportation schedule has to work from home to support multiple & ad hoc project's requests.

                The new place were surrounded by ongoing construction site and their new owned house was also one of them & mostly favorable place for mosquito menace. Such conditions were not new for Saiket  & Renuka and they have made all attempts to stay protected from mosquito or water / air born disease.

The new rented house in new city had a network coverage issue for internet service and same was only available in balcony / dry area space.

It was a Thursday evening , Saiket returned to home early after day long hectic work hours not to get himself relaxed but to prepare for critical transformation activity in night. Saiket has spend whole night sitting in balcony (due to n/w coverage issue inside house) and completed activity just prior sunrise. Soon he planned to get a sound sleep almost after 24 hrs. since last sleep as he was suppose to support one more activity next night.

However after 60 min his phone rang reporting a performance issue in migrated services for which he spend complete night. Saiket quickly got onto laptop & started troubleshooting the issue it became afternoon till issue got fixed. He had his lunch in evening itself. Saiket again planned for a sleep as it was over 35 hrs. since he got a last continuous sleep. This time he was unable to sleep because of completely destructive schedule of meal and sleep.

               Saiket again made up his mind and prepared himself for the Friday night activity which was the last activity of project and post which transformation project was getting accomplished. Keeping this moral he has again sat out in balcony with hardly any energy left and with minor back pain , he completed his activity prior sunrise.

Saiket went to sleep fully satisfied with his efforts in last 2-3 days as well over few months that he has spend towards new and ongoing assignment. Mailbox was flooding with appreciations when he was asleep.

After few hours of sleep the minor back pain turned to severe pain along with body temperature reaching to 103F. Saiket got up and thought of going out in living room where he slept for few minutes but the pain & fever turned unbearable. he informed his wife about the same and asked to take him to doctor.

Being new in the city both Saiket & Renuka were only aware of few nearby doctors and they planned to visit the same. Saiket was lack of energy due to last 3-4 days schedule & fever and was too weak to walk too . Renuka took Saiket to nearby clinic however it was closed as doctor was on vacation.

Saiket who was hardly able to sit , asked his wife to search any other clinic nearby and again comeback to the place outside closed clinic where Saiket decided to wait. Renuka found a hospital and took Saiket to the reception , they got the doctor appointment and further checkups. looking at the weakness and constant high fever the doctor suggested to get admitted.

               Renuka & Saiket felt happy when they found this hospital where it was hard to get clinic , however the hospital looked lonely without much patient.

Treatment started and blood report came suggesting nothing clearly but doctor suspected its initial stage of malaria. Saiket & Wife also got convinced as he use to sat down for activity outdoor due to network coverage issue and there was possibility of mosquito bites that his weak health couldn't defend.

Satisfied with the diagnosis , treatment continued over next 24 hrs. but Saiket's health getting worsen. Early morning of Sunday it became unbearable for Saiket and hinted for change in hospital as he was facing issue during breathing and started almost collapsing.

              Saiket's dad & Renuka quickly took discharge , with such worsen condition of Saiket who has started loosing his confidence in health and started whispering to Renuka that "today could be the last day of his life & to take care of Ansh". Threatened by his words Renuka & Saiket's Dad requested for an ambulance from the old city's reputed hospital where they use to leave prior shifting.

Ambulance came in quickly & took Saiket to the old city's hospital on life support. Saiket's office friend ran to support his wife & Dad and took in-charge of all hospital formalities. Next few hours were critical for Saiket who was put on life support in ICCU. Saiket's family , friend awaited over 12 hrs. outside the ICCU with keeping a glance through a small circle glass.

              Doctor has diagnosed the Dengue in early report itself and started the treatment , the blood reports were showing very dip down in blood platelet counts whose function is to stop bleeding by clumping and clogging blood vessel injuries. Saiket was removed from life support post stability and moved to internal patient bed giving relief to family & friends.

Saiket started recovering , every day his family members and office friends use to visit and ask him "What went wrong?" and he has to repeat the whole above story as a cause for his condition.

             Saiket recovered & escaped from horrifying disease. it took over 15 days to get his strength back & started his new life but this time with Work-Life balance !

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