what is oracle 18c autonomous database

Oracle unveils worlds first autonomous database cloud on Oct 2, 2017 by oracle chairman of board and CTO Larry Ellison.


Ground Breaking Machine learning technique to automate and eliminate human labor , reducing human errors, no more manual tuning leading improved availability with high performance and security that is also at very lower cost which reflect as next generation industry-leading databases.

Oracle autonomous database cloud to attain availability of 99.95% with only 30 min of planned/Unplanned downtime.


1) Self-Driving : Uses machine learning for performance tuning without human intervention

Automated online and up gradation against security threats (just like iPhone patch upgrades)

Automated backup with integrated availability architecture

2) Self-Scaling : Automatically computes and re-sizes storage capacity without downtime

3) Self-Repair : Avoids downtime with self repairing capability to maintain database availability at 99.95% and 30 min planned/Unplanned downtime only

With autonomous database cloud existing DBA resources will free up to get utilized for business strategies or project solution's

Cloud services providing oracle autonomous database cloud will be called as 'Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud'

Oracle autonomous Data Warehouse build on below factors:

1) Simplicity :

Old: Currently cloud technology is complex which involves manual configuration and require db experts to specify indexes , rebuild techniques , adjusting compression , reorg data etc.

18c: "load and Go! " . Specify the structure of table , load data in seconds and leave anything else on autonomous system without manual intervention

2) Industry leading performance:

Old: Cloud admin provides existing templates or shape to design cloud with manual intervention.

18c: oracle autonomous data warehouse built on high performance oracle exadata platform.

performance further enhanced using fully integrated machine learning algorithm which can support automatic caching , adaptive indexing and advance compression.

3) Instant elasticity:

Old: Huge time taken to setup a cloud hosts with manual intervention to complete capacity and storage allocation , sometimes involving downtime with major changes

18c: Setup autonomous data warehouse cloud in seconds with storage scaling independent of others without downtime.

Enabled customer to pay for only required resources used as per workload and if any enhancement needed further.

Oracle autonomous self driving database oracle 18c life-cycle :

1) Provision : creates fault tolerant scale out cluster with disaster recovery

2) Secure : Encrypted source configuration with auto security updates

3) Update : Patching , Up gradation , Online Error handling 

4) Availability : Failure protection with SLA 99.95% up-time , 30 min planned/Unplanned downtime

5) Performance : Elastic Scaling , Monitoring , tuning and optimization

6) Testing : Change management for complex workloads


1) Less labor , Cost , Human Error

2) Secure and more reliable

3) Free up DBA's from routine operational taks to innovate more


1) World #1 database on world's best platform (Exadata)

2) Specialized by workload

3) In public cloud or at customer owned cloud

To know more www.oracle.com/autonomousdatabase

Know more about Responsibility and Future of DBA post autonomous oracle 18c cloud database & Oracle 19c new features

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