Power of Thinking : A Dot Experiment

Human mind is most powerful than any other creature in the world.It is being called so because it has evolved over the years to gain shelter , food , security and survive among the competitors in food chain. 

Human brain is capable of thinking at very high speed , about the things that exists or not , places , imagination , analysis , decision making , strategy are outcomes of it.

In a "Dot Experiment" will find out how power of thinking helps to imagine out of boundaries and showcase why a human mind is capable of analyzing the things beyond expectations.

This Experiment can be taken up individually or within a group of team members ; more the number of minds more it will add value to experiment.

Now, you can see a simple image with a dot somewhere in the image.

Only one Question to be presented to audience or self & its relevant answers to be noted with count ..

Lets start with it...

Q. What do you think about this image ?

Once the question has been floated allow mind to concentrate on image , although image is very simple but power of a mind will take out many things out of it..
Such as ..

1.  Its a Simple dot
2.  Its a dot but its not perfect in shape
3.  Shape of the dot varies from all angle
4.  dot is in black color
5.  dot is not position in the center of the image
6.  We cant call it a dot but a black color spot
7.  It's present approx (x,y)(20,80) position
8.  It is made up of millions of particles
9.  It has occupied less than 0.01% of space in image
10.Everything around the dot is white makes it visible

List will go on depending on the power of thinking mind involved ...

Once you list down all points and numbered it ; do validate if it makes sense to consider.

The strength of a thinking mind can be judge on below scale based on number of points in you list..

0-3     :  Poor
4-6     :  Average
7-10   :  Strong
11-15  :  Excellent 
16-20 :  Exceptional

How this experiment benefits ..
  • Helps in stimulating the thinking power of a Mind
  • Helps in identifying a strength of a team you are leading
  • If powerful mind can think so much about a small dot , it can create wonders with combinations of it i.e. letters 
  • Helps in thinking beyond the boundaries in critical situations and identifying the solution.
  • Reading between the lines becomes more powerful and understanding reaches to next level
  • Helps in understanding once capability of positive thinking 

And many more ...

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