Definition Of Leadership

Dear Leader, 

Congratulation for reaching to the leadership level by running over a path which was full of desire, hard-work , commitment , stress , uncertain & fruitful outcome of handling work not only by using smart mind but with heart. 

Leadership seldom comes with choice but surely by positive attitude towards challenges you comes across.It brings loads of expectations not only from management but every person who looks up towards you as hope. 

After working over 10yrs in IT industry, teaming up with multiple mind sets within work life and outside of it,  learning though the examples set by many legends from my favorite sports of cricket listing down the 10 definition of leadership which can be referred & experienced as a guideline for success. 

  1. 1. You are a team member first then Leader ; 80% of your work post transition to leadership role remains same while other 20% you will learn with time as responsibility arise.  
If you reverse the % , over the period you will loose the confidence & respect , may face the consequences too 

  1. 2. You are a Firewall for Team ; Crisis situations will arrive when management will pin point to your team member but you need to standby them and defend it with positive note although by accepting the part of mistake.Management will appreciate this nature in long run. switching to other side will loose the team’s confidence in you so as management over the time. 

  1. 3. Stand for your team and they will stand for you ; Only 20% of your team are actually riding the horse rest are onlookers.if you take care of them they won’t disappoint you.Rider % will rise & depends on how you manage these 20%. 

  1. 4. Lead by examples not by words ; you need to be efficient enough to handle all work alone if given no timelines, this brings compassions within your team and they will try to contribute without limiting to the scope.if you push work to them then you may expect pessimism in return. 

  1. 5. Identify your real team ; Truth is that only few members drive the team but it doesn’t mean others are not valuable. Need to give equal appreciation amongst them for good work but differentiate when comes to work distribution based on criticality. Sooner you will find spirit within team growing with healthy competition. 

  1. 6. Loss or Gain all your’s ; number of times you will receive appreciations not because of your  own performance but due to team’s , so pass it on to team at very earliest level. Failures will knock the door but the after effects should not be passed on to the team ‘as is’ but in constructive way in the form of lessons and process fixes. 

  1. 7. No Ignorance ; Every spark that happens has a reason behind it if ignored will lead to a fire , try to dig deep to the cause and don’t leave the problems unless they leaves you. 
“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”- Norman Schwarzkopf 

  1. 8. Keep it healthy ; Healthy environment within team encourages the rise in productivity , communication within team and leader matters most, it can be work related or other which keeps team engaged for good cause. 

  1. 9. Don’t loose patience ; lost temper is the sign of lack of competency , never let it come in your words or behavior. You may loose sometime but people will remember you for the attitude you carried in battle. 

  1. 10 .Build the successor ; At every point get your best feet as your shadow to lead in future or along. As change is the only constant thing in the world. 

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion” - Alexander the Great 

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