10 Checklist points before you publish your blog

Many bloggers gets so much engaged in thinking and writing a blog that they often end up in making major mistakes in published blog.

Listing down 10 points which will serve a successful blogger a reliable checklist before publishing a blog to users.

1. Spelling Check

Although you will find auto spell check correction while writing a blog lines highlighted by underlined color , it is necessary to right click them and choose appropriate word that resembles the meaning of the line written.

2. Blog heading

Blog name should be crystal clear describing intention of the complete write-up containing not more than 10 words or a line.

3. Paragraphs

Appropriate paragraphs within a mid (50 lines) or long (100+ lines) write-ups creates a soothing effect on overall look of the blog.

In addition to look and feel , paragraphs should be short and crispy in order to allow reader to bifurcate the meaning.

4. Line Spacing

Space between the line is mostly neglected by the writer , inappropriate line spacing impacts the overall length of the blog. 

If unsure about line spacing then MS office tools can be used after completion of a blog for formatting purpose.

5. Duplication

Few words gets repeated unknowingly by author although they solve the purpose but acts annoying to reader. 

Finding multiple words with same meaning and replacing them with duplicates will always help.

6. Image/Video placing

Placing an image or video within a write up always makes a blog very much interesting for reader but many times it distorts the words written along with.

Image / Video should be placed alone instead of aligning them on left or right.

7. Font Selection

Verify the font applied to complete blog , sometimes set of lines carries different font and it wont get recognize on writing pad but always gambles when parsed on browser.

So make sure complete blog selected once and font method used is verified.

8. Color

Most of the bloggers makes use of multi color fonts to make the lines eye catcher or segregate their meaning

Verifying the color combination used for complete blog along with bold/italic style is important.

9. External Reference

External Reference used by author in the form of URL's sometimes are error prone and it may sometimes become invalid or unavailable.

Need to verify if website's referred are resolvable over internet and without any spelling mistakes opening in separate tab or page 

10. Preview

After checking all above 9 points most important step to fulfill before you click on publish button is to preview the blog as user.

Preview will showcase how the web page is displayed to reader along with ads and other portal theme.

Above 10 points checklist will surely add value to your blog to make it error free and hit the reader's mind.

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