Share-Market Top Trading Tips II

12. Exiting with small profit from high quality stocks will reduce chances of higher profit in future

13. Do not check frequent price checks which will lead to wrong decisions , check weekly or twice in a week only and keep updated on management news & quarterly results like business partner of stock company

14. Stock with good fundamental moves upward only over long run : Warren buffet

Check Fundamentals of Stock

15. Do not check your portfolio for unrealized gain/loss frequently, unless you book the same it’s all belongs to market

16. Do not follow portfolio up down movement but follow company growth pattern and future focus

17. Investment in falling markets always lead to profit in future(if held for 1-2 yr)

18. Buy quality stocks for 1 year minimum don’t buy/sell multiple times as taxes/brokerage and benefit of valuation difference reduces overall profit

19. Portfolio should be diversified with max 2 stocks from same sector and not more than 10-15 stocks

20. Spend at least 30 min per for a stock to analyse fundamentals , results feeds , management news etc. Small/Mid/Large Cap across IT/ Banking / Construction / Pharma / Telecom/ Automobile e.g.

21. Small cap stocks gives good appreciation however large cap provides good dividend yield

22. Keep small and mid cap % high in portfolio over large cap stocks

23. Stock that do free fall may not regain its position over 
years in absence of fundamentals

24. 5-30% Minor stock crash , anything above 50% Major stock crash

25. Gold rises sharply in Major Stock market crash(>50%) buy Gold to leverage loss

26. Company mergers or acquisitions leads to price fall , always due to increase in debt to equity

27. Take a pledge to follow above checkpoint to earn minimum 20-30 % from stock market and avoid loss.

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