How to cure migraine headache completely ;100% solution based on personal experience 8 simple remedies

Sharing my personal experience how did I managed to cure migraine headache episodes which used to strike every 14 days and now almost none.

For last 2 years my migraine headache intensity has increased a lot may be due to corona lockdown , working from home , Bad habbits of seating for long hours. which had adverse effect on life style and one of the most contributing factor to migraine strokes.

After reading through many articles , watching videos of many world class neurologists , yoga gurus and in fact getting consulted from doctors have prepared this article to get rid of migraine.

I will not waste more words here explaining what causes migraine and how to avoid it as I have already written here ... how to recover from migraine

"All we want is to improve blood circulation to brain "

I assured you if it’s your left side headache which travels from neck region till forehead making life miserable is not going to come again post following all which is written below ...


1)  3 types of head massage 3 times a day

Refer first image to identify points and repeat massage 5-6 times put pressure only as much as it gives feeling of relaxation

i. Press D points where skull ends and muscular region of neck begins as below and move towards C & B  slowly as below


ii. Press E point slowly as below

iii. Press forehead in line starting from top to behind and sideways to behind slowly as below

2)  Avoid eating wheat content food

Wheat content food digests very slowly raises the cholesterol level, clogs the arteries, disrupts the blood sugar level.

3) Consume omega 3 content food

fatty fish is an excellent choice for brain health. Fatty fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, a major building block of the brain. Omega-3 play a role in sharpening memory , as well as protecting your brain against cognitive decline.

Take 1 tablet of Sevens seas cod liver oil once in 2-3 days

Eat walnut & almond every day at least 2 pieces 

4) Keep good posture while seating 

Bad posture always blocks the blood flow at lower back near hip region from flowing towards head.

Any stretchable  exercise or yoga involving upper and lower back everyday for just 5 min helps. 

Have same size / height soft cushion when you sleep , do not change it and it should be at neck height to keep your head body straight while sleeping 

5)  Keep yourself hydrated

Drink 2-3 litre's of water every day with at least 100 ml at regular interval which helps flushing bacteria from your bladder. aiding digestion, preventing constipation, normalizing blood pressure.

6) Walking 7k steps everyday must 

Take a brisk walk of minimum 1k steps specially after you eat, it helps in speeding up the digestion process and blood flow to brain.

Make use of Google fit app  to count the steps through mobile or get a smart watch or fitness bands like mi fit band as a cost effective approach, and set goal of 7K steps everyday. 

7) Dr. Reckeweg R16 Migraine and Neuralgia Drop

While you still struggle to follow above in your daily routine R16 homeopathy drop which contains Sanguinaria , Spigelia gives relief to the area where it pains most. 

To be taken slowly as sip by sip of water with 10 drops of R16 in 100 ml of water thrice in a day. if taken just before when the migraine is about to trigger it gives long day relief by reducing intensity of migraine.  

8) Carbonated Soft Drinks

Its weird but yes carbonated soft drinks like Thump's Up gives benefit and many times it ends the migraine if taken along with food when migraine episode is at its last stage

You will start seeing effect slowly and frequency of the migraine will reduce over the period.

Good Luck ! Stay healthy !!!

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