Work From Home Is it good or bad ?

Pandemic Situation all over the world ( Yaa.. Origin country has recovered ..) has pushed all workers except essential service employees to work from home..

Due to technology work from home is exercised so fluently that many companies thinking of making it as a future working strategy to cut down expenses invested on infrastructure.

While many employees are on cloud 9 due to work from home facility , but their are few who are still thinking this is not a good option for future at all . And i am one of those few !!

Lets have a look what's the gain & the pain ..

Why Work from Home is too good ?

Travel Time: Time erased from your 24 Hr life of a day by just travelling from home to office and reverse use to eat up-to 5 Hrs on avg. has come down 0. You have complete day added to your life ..

Travel Cost: No travel time means you don't need to spend on transport let it be train , bus or own car. Fuel cost has reduced , Bus/train Pass money saved. Vehicle Maintenance cost is also dropped.

Energy: Lots of energy reserved which was wasted in travelling , rushing in to bus/train. Driving through hardly moving traffic in peak hour will be no more soaking your blood.

Pollution: Various modes of transport are halted , so no carbon footprints. Environment looks so green fresh air with full of oxygen everywhere. Sights seen clearly which was hardly visible.

Family Time: No need to wait for weekend for family hook up , now all time is yours around the family members.

Food: No need to hurry up in morning to prepare breakfast as well as lunch box for kid or yourself. And great escape from canteen or outside unhealthy food. POYWE ! Prepare on your own and Eat ..Stay healthy & Fit !

Risk Eliminated: Huge risk of robbery , accident , health impact in rush hour is eliminated. No impact of climate like extreme Heat or Rain on hard working humans !

Why Work from Home is not so good ?

Cost of Living: Just travel cost is reduced , but their is spike in other elements such as monthly expenditure on electricity , Internet has shoot up as we brought office to home. Although very few organization is compensating it but many are yet to realize or not letting so. 
Electricity needed for Monitor , CPU , Mobile charging , Air Conditioning , Wireless headphone while working from home. Grocery bills are also zoomed due to pandemic as service at your doorstep has increased its overall cost. 

Infrastructure a Glitch: We hear sound like dog barking ,bird chirping , Car accelerating or just a noise like UFO landing on earth before someone joins the meeting over conference bridge.
Electricity cut in residential areas are common which haunts internet too , disturbs the working minds which again exposed to "Theory of Gravity" to "Concentrate". Laptop crash , slow internet are widely accepted.

Feeling of being Professional: Lost !!! completely. Seeing yourself wearing pajamas you can never fee like working for office anymore , its like doing your own business or freelancing. Everything is virtual , who is seeing me overturns on mind and feeling of being professional disappears.
Distraction at home from family or outsider is just disastrous ! Is It Work For Home ?..

Professional Disconnect: No one around ! by seeing someone around it use to click thought process "This guy is xyz developer and i have a bug in a xyz program which was long pending ..lets scratch his mind". 

Completely Professional disconnect brings loneliness , demotivates from doing something great as someone cant visualize how to present it or why its needed at first place ?!..  

Productivity at Stake: Many of those seating in TOP thinking that we are improving productivity as everyone seating at home like robots and just keep on working all over day , weekend , whenever we call them they have assets beside them.

Family life is already there ..they are enjoying being at home so they are available 24*7*365 days for us ...

What will happen to WFH when pandemic is over or mall/movie theater opens up, everyone is free to go anywhere ? 


Let the Office be at Office & home be like home.

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