Migraine Disease and Social Conflict

More than 30% population of world has migraine chronic disease and many more yet to identify.

Migraine headache occurs due to its presence in genes or stressful lifestyle , individual has to understand their type of headache and recover or reduce from migraine pain.  

Everyone one who suffer from such illness differs from others mainly during migraine episodes and the learning from such incident leads to finding a solution to keep the pain away as much as possible , but this process causes Social conflict.

Why Migraine causes social conflict ?

Person who suffers from migraine headache knows the pain how unbearable it is & would like to stay alone or isolate from family or community,  may not be always but on few occasions. However the people around, does not understand this behavior unless communicated and feels distant. The complete situation known as social conflict.


Why Migraine patient distant themselves ?

The most possible influencing reason of distancing from society during migraine is to avoid getting centered of the situation which may dilute the amusement.And Secondly to see themselves in recovery phase as soon as possible.

How Social conflict can be avoided ?
Planning plays important role in avoiding the situation of social conflict. 

A person suffering from migraine knows it better which conditions could drive or trigger the migraine headache and he tries to keep away from such environment.

Sensing the change at early stages and planning the things accordingly surely helps to overcome the social conflict.

How to make others aware of the situation ?

Generally the closest person to the sufferer can easily guess the stroke has happened based on gestures or showcase of dizziness & then nothing to be communicated.

Those who doesn't bother much would never matter even they made aware of it.

How is impacts personal or professional life ?

In most of the cases or based on personal experience it has been observed that migraine stroke appears when daily routine gets changed which happens generally on weekend and in weekday everyone remains busy with tight schedule in their Job or business. So professional impact is seen less but the personal impact is more.


The Solutions we identify in terms of food or Socializing , planning acts as a obstruction.

Its very difficult for a suffering person to avoid social conflict but it can be managed up to certain level by planning the things in better way so as it causes less impact to commitments made.

One who knows you closely can understand the hit has occurred and takes care accordingly making it easy and also helps to overcome the situation rapidly.

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