How to Study and Pass Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional 1Z0-083 - Oracle Database Administration II


Wait is over , you can easily clear Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional 1Z0-083 by following the below advisory based on my personal experience. 

I have cleared 1Z0-083 Oracle Database Administration II recently and did not waited much to write this thread as I know its difficult to get study guide for this exam and practice exam ( dumps ? :) too.

Don't worry just follow what i say here at least to Pass this exam and get 80+ percentage marks because I got 87 :) 

1. What You should know before you begin ?

1Z0-083 is 85 question exam with 57 percentage passing , means you need to answer at least 49 questions correctly to claim the OCP badge.

Answers for each question will have 1 or more correct answer same is mentioned in detail question. (which was not earlier and left to choose whichever you feel correct)

USD 275 is the cost of exam approx. (hope not scared :)

2. Know your Syllabus to study ?

1Z0-083 - Oracle Database Administration II Study Guide

You need to go through these topics and oracle documents in detail and practice out wherever required.

Important amongst these are Multitenant Architecture & Backup /Recovery as over 30 questions will be around those.

I. Oracle Database Managing Multitenant Architecture

II. Oracle Database Backup And Recovery

III. Oracle Database Deploy , Patch and Upgrade

IV. Oracle Database 19c new Features

3. What next to study  ?

Although its 19c exam but question may take reference from 11g/12c/18c databases as well. So topics like Automatic memory management , Automatic Shared Memory management , ADR , ADDM , AWR should be known.  

4. Most Important , Practice test for 1Z0-083 ?

After studying the topics its important to prepare for exam via practice test 

Just in below lines I am providing a link to be registered , Exam questions with answers & discussion on its correctness is given .. 

Do remember to check forum discussion to get correct answer based on experts view .. 

Following link gets updated for new questions ..

Here we go ....  1Z0-083 Practice test 

5. Need more , Practice test for 1Z0-083 ?

I know Practice test given above is not enough to gain confident to appear for USD 275 exam , you need to do book reading and at least 200 question practice.

I can help you with those with one condition , please reply me in comment section ..

Best of Luck !