How did we survive after infecting with covid-19 : a personal experience

It's been just a few weeks since i have written this article How to avoid getting infected corona virus , and in-spite of following all the precautions mentioned we (whole family) got trapped by Covid-19.

In following sections , will write about certain topics which will help someone who is going through the covid crisis and for others it will help to stay alert ..

  • How did we infected by covid ?
  • What are the various stages of impact on human body?
  • What medications given by doctors ?
  • Which home remedies we followed ?

Answers to all above questions will help me to elaborate on the facts which matches my real life experience but it may not be exactly same for other infected person.

How did we infected by covid ?

Almost 7-8 months since covid-19 pandemic begin , me & my family remain healthy without getting any kind of viral infection , we followed exactly whats mentioned here How to avoid getting infected corona virus

Unfortunately , one of our family member (parents, age 65+yrs) stepped out of home for official work. he took a cab and roam around city , various offices & banks to get the work done in order to meet year end deadline.

On the very next day my both parents started facing trouble related to respiratory organs along with mild fever.

What are the various stages of impact on human body?

let me explain various stages in sequence that we went through during Covid infection ..

i. Nose Blockage : Mainly during night sleep one of the nostrils stops the flow of oxygen impacts the sound sleep

ii. Throat Soar : Throat starts getting dry & it pains when you try to swallow even sip of water ; coughing

iii. Mild fever : Body temperature fluctuates between 99-100 F.

iv. Headache : headache happens exactly on top of the head.

v. Weakness : loss of appetite , taste , smell

What medications given by doctors ?

For parents who are above 60 yrs of age immediate hospitalization was consulted , as SpO2 oxygen saturation level (which can be measured using oximeter) was dropping slowly below 95% every day. They had symptoms like soar throat , coughing , mild fever .

SpO2 level above 95% considered normal and below 90% considered severe.

Day 3 (As almost 3 days past since infection & mild symptoms to parents ) when PCRA covid test was done it came +ve for parents but for other family members who are in range of 10-35 age it came -ve when performed on Day 5.

On Day 4 , one of my parent seen recovering & responding well to remdesivir injection but had not much effect on other due to which tocilizumab actemra 400mg injection given under intensive care.

This high steroid type injection given when lung infections increases rapidly and if its given within 2-3 days of infection increases chances of survival of the patient at very high rate.

Day 6 , on wards all other family members at home started getting symptoms in the same sequence as mentioned in stages of impact and last for next 1 week.The only medication taken by consulting to doctor includes Paracetamol , Vitamin C / D3 / Zinc , Cough Syrup , Cetrizine Thats it !

Which home remedies we followed ?

Early morning 8-9 am sun bath for vitamin D

Yoga: Pranayam ; deep breath exercise for lungs 

Hot/Warm water for drink every time specially during food intake

Multivitamin Juices but with less/no sugar

Steam daily two times with inhalation through nose only & outer part of sinus , throat

Early bed early rise

100 steps walk within home pre or post every food intake

Daily once body temperature , oxygen level , weight check

Complete isolation from other family members & strict quarantine for 7-10 days 

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