Installing Oracle Linux Image on Virtual box machine for oracle installation

Oracle Linux considered as most powerful operating system for oracle database server as it holds pre-requisite packages , configurations suitable to make oracle system optimal & easy to manage.

In following article will perform  ..

1. Download of Oracle Linux image
2. Create a Virtual Machine with Oracle Linux Operating System
3. Add Guest additions & Share folder from hosting machine

Lets begin ..

1.  Download of oracle Linux image

Login to Oracle Software Delivery Cloud 

Search for Oracle Linux

Select Oracle Linux 7.6 

Tick x86 64 bit platform option 

Un-tick all except "Oracle Linux Release 7 Update for x86 64 bit" & click on download

2. Create a Virtual Machine with Oracle Linux operating system

Open Oracle virtual box & click on new virtual machine icon provide machine name . machine folder to store virtual image file, type of Operating system and version exactly as below

Follow the Disk options as per snaps ..


Select a drive with at least 25 GB free size in host machine ..

After clicking create , virtual machine will get created without operating system.

Follow the steps to configure network Adapter to communicate over internet via by host machine 

Follow the steps to install Oracle Linux image on Virtual machine by supplying the setup downloaded in step 1 ..

Click on Storage -> Controller IDE (first plus sign)

Click on Install Oracle Linux using up/down arrow ..

Click on Exclamation marked options and apply following settings ..

Setup up root password  ..

Accept licensing & enable network ..

Oracle Linux is ready to use ...

3. Add Guest additions & Share folder from hosting machine

Guest Additions will enable the mouse movement  , copy paste across the virtual machine and host machine

Disable the SELINUX configuration as below 

Click on Insert Guest Addition CD image ..

Which will download the image over internet and prompt for run ..

Installation begins ..

Post reboot of virtual machine , guest additions will be available 

In following snaps , shared folder will be made available from host machine to virtual machine ..

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