How Knowledge Sharing Improves Our Own Learning

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts (propositional knowledge), skills (procedural knowledge), or objects (acquaintance knowledge).

The term "knowledge" can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
knowledge is non quantifiable , how much knowledge is held by someone can not be determine in exact metric but it can be justified by once expression in accordance to situation.

Most Important , knowledge is not limited to humans only every creature on this galaxy hold knowledge about its security , shelter , food etc.

Lets see more facts about knowledge sharing through questionnaire .. 

What do we mean by knowledge sharing ?

Same as sharing of the things with each other knowledge can also be shared through various mediums like conversation , classroom training , practically , books etc. 

Medium of Knowledge sharing doesn't matter unless the receiver is able to understand the matter and able to apply it and in advance stage it is acquired with such a competence that it can be shared further.

Schooling , presentation , books , blogs , subjective meetings , training , guidance are few ways of knowledge sharing in real world. 

Why knowledge sharing is important ? 

Knowledge sharing is very much important because it has to be made known to others to increase its value & usage. it always helps someone in fulfilling the things which was out of their imagination. 

Example of knowledge sharing  such as problem/solution , How to ? are the best knowledge topics circulated and utilized throughout the world.

Why Sharing knowledge helps to boost our learning ?

Knowledge can be stagnant if it remains with someone, over the time it may loose its effectiveness if remains in one hand however it may create wonders for others.

When we share the knowledge, in turn we try to revised it in our mind and it helps to understands it better to the core. 

While sharing , we imagine few aspects about the topic which remain untouched and we strive to go deep down in order to find more about it. This is how masters are born !!

When in discussion , sharing always helps to make it vast.  As we discuss about single thing, we receive more connected unknown facts about it while sharing , which in turn adds-up to our own knowledge only.  

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Why it is important sometime to hold the knowledge without sharing ? 

On few occasions , it is good to hold the knowledge with ourselves when we learn from the situation that sharing it to the community will not make sense or it wont be respected or valued much. 

Sharing to be concealed when it comes to Security , compliance , regulatory , privacy , copyright , patent etc.

Why someone shy away from sharing their knowledge with others ?

We do come across many people in our organization or society who feels reluctant to share their own knowledge or thoughts for the topic in discussion , possibly due to following factors ..

Insecurity : One feels insecure about sharing the knowledge , as it may loosen their dependency as subject matter expert. Such community always falls behind socially and in turn it impacts unknowingly to their personal / professional growth.

Partial knowledge : Half knowledge is always dangerous ! one who feels that he can not explain about the topic beyond a level, make it appear less to avoid being embarrassed if unable to reply the doubts that may arise.   

Communication : Due to language or cultural differences many things remains un-shared. An environment or medium is not setup to allow exchange of the knowledge between various layers.

So , the conclusion is to share as much knowledge as you can as it will make permanent presence in your mind , construct thoughts around it and will always attract more ....

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