steps to get adsense approval for your website or blog

Getting Google AdSense approval for your website or blogging site requires consistent effort with discipline And has no shortcuts or tricks

Following steps will guide you to know the prerequisites for creating a good website and will increase chances to get your website approved by AdSense

1. Know your subject

Congratulations ! For making your mind agree to create your own website which puts you in blogger/writer category.

Any website need a unique topic which acts as a brand throughout the life cycle , so it has to be so strong to keep you thinking for long time without any deviation.

Identify your subject for the website which could relate to you in day to day life and helps to write with ease than a burden.

2. Sketch down your thinking

Having subject in mind gives you food for thought , each and every action will derive findings.

Get your thinking collated at every stage which could be converted into a successful story

Making notes or adding reminders to keep track of the ideas is very much important.

3. Choose website designer

Search for a good website designer which could be either or or any of your own custom style

Creating website in blogger has upper hand as it belongs to Google , most of the searches all over the world are ignites from the google search engine itself

Choose a unique website name which could retrieve less number of pages when searched.

4. Create website template

Get your website template ready which should be attractive and suits your subject.

Not mandatory to freeze your design as it may vary as you go on , but make sure it looks relevant and doesn't impact the content formatting during changes

5. Startup with content

At this stage you are ready to bring your first content on webpad. Create a simple blog with at least 50 lines without a glitch in spells and meaning

Always verify your each paragraph and review it again before publishing it post a preview.

6. Create set of blogs/posts

Create at least 20-25 webpages on your websites over a period of 1-2 months , keep consistency in creating posts.

Regulate the frequency with which you publish your content online say 4 posts a week with adequate content useful to users 

7. Perform analysis

By this stage you have got hands on in creating web blogs with knowledge on content to showcase , look and feel of the website to attract the user community 

Its time to analyze your efforts through

Get your website added to monitoring various metrics like user count , sessions , avg session duration and many more.

Stats from Google analytic or from blogger will help to identify the requirement of users and you will try to put more efforts in topics received highest page views

8. Get your own domain wisely

Based on the stats you analyzed , its time to get you own domain name and remove or from your website

However , this is important step for the life of your blog and you need to be honest here.

I have seen over the past years many bloggers have felt themselves in wrong lane post getting the domain and many of them end up their website due to cost/disapproval factor

Now why is it so important and what is to be done ? 

i. get your stats on correct path. At this stage you should be having over 20-25 web blogs almost older by 1-2 months.  

ii. genuine hits on the blogs should be minimum 100 per day , i said genuine means you have either not generated yourself nor asked your friends to do same within same subnet

iii. domain provider that you will select should have good reputation and will help to hold your pages ahead in search engine. my favorite

As you will be putting 1o-15$ to launch your website on your own domain so the expectations to manage the cost would also go high. And you will desperately look to get your adsense account approved. but you need to hold on .... 

loosing patience here may land you in risk i specified earlier in this point ..

9. Keep it going

You have got you own domain Such as  So be happy !

Now all your users and famous web pages will get redirect to the domain and will take couple of weeks time to get new stats on new domain. Do make a change for the same in google analytics

You need to wait for at least 1 more month without stopping blog creation 

Take you blog count to 30+ and analyse the stats.

10. Apply for AdSense

Here we go , time has arrived to monetized your website by applying at

Google will monitor your website for genuine user hits along with other copyright checks over a week or two and one fine day you will get google adsense approval mail in inbox as below

11. Avoid this !

  • Do not copy content from other website , you can provide link of the other website if relevant
  • Do not hit your website on your own or ask friends to do same which will decrease your chance of approval
  • Do not put auto refresh in webpage
  • Do not keep changing the template every week which will annoy the users
  • Do not change the domain and keep it in auto renewal payment mode to avoid loosing your brand name
  • Do not take more than a week's gap to post new blog

Happy blogging !

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