Oracle Database Timezone Issue


Post changes in Linux system timezone (in /etc/sysconfig/clock file ) from ZONE="America/New York" to ZONE="Asia/Kolkata" systimetamp over the DB link or TNS alias started reflecting old/wrong timezone 

sqlplus <username>@<TNS_Alias>/<password>;

SQL> select systimestamp,current_timestamp from dual;

SYSTIMESTAMP                            CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
-----------------------------------     -------------------------------------------
22-05-13 06:11:17.900646 AM -05:30      22-05-13 05:11:17.900654 PM +05:30 

Here , +05:30 was the correct time-stamp for Timezone "Asia/Kolkata"


It was identified that time zone of the database server was not matching with one of the Data guard setup in Linux zone configuration file /etc/sysconfig/clock

Required ZONE="Asia/Kolkata" 
But found ZONE="America/New York"

Proceeding further to match up the zones on all OS as 
"Asia/Kolkata"  DB server zone modification was done in Linux configuration file.

However , It was inappropriate method for zone modification in DB server which lead to differences in timezone at db level  as mentioned in Problem:

Also timezone difference was not observed when connected from sys/system as sysdba or any other DB user from local db server.

It was only observed for any user connections over the DB link or TNS.


With reference to below MOS Note,

How To Change Timezone for 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure [ID 1209444.1] 


has been modified as

Followed by all cluster services restarts , Resolved the issue 

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