Oracle Silent Installation

In this Blog i will guide you to perform silent installation i.e. without using oracle installation GUI page.

Silent Installation is very much useful to avoid slowness caused by memory thirsty java GUI pages
Its is performed from command line & allows great control over installation steps
Less time consuming if re-start of the installation required
No hectic X-Window configuration

Silent installation method i have used for the first time while patching 10g ( oracle home with patch , it was very critical situation when i sat down for a production database 10205 upgrade & little bit over confident that GUI has to work while patching existing 10201 oracle home with 10205 as it worked in test environment .

Only different condition was that i was doing this activity from home via a VPN.

It was 5 Hrs of downtime , first 1 Hrs 30 min i struggle to open xclock itself which is basic GUI testing tool used before opening any GUI. Finally i gave up.I Called up my manager that i am unable to perform it , he suggested/reminded few steps to open GUI but that also failed , till then i had lost almost 2 Hrs of 5 Hrs downtime.

Was very tensed , one ray of hope was to perform Silent installation , although it was never tried before just heard of it.That downtime window was not at all the time to search for silent installation  & learn new thing without any planning or testing.But still i have decided to go for an attempt. Searched out very good oracle docs , genius blogs took me not more that 15 min to make aware of silent installation. It took few more 30 min to try silent installation on production with some failures & re-runs.

Finally with god's grace installation started successfully on 2 Hrs 45th min & took only 15 min to install 10205 patch over existing oracle home.And next 55 min for the catuprd,sql/utlrp.sql

So, within 4 Hrs Downtime i have patched the production wherein actual patching took only 1 Hr 15 min.My manager was amazed in morning to see activity got successfully completed & that is also 1 hour earlier that downtime !!

Let us see how i have done so ..

      1.       Identify product.xml location
      2.       Prepare response file
      3.       Silent installation
      4.       Run
      Step 1:  Identify product.xml location 

product.xml is located in downloaded unzipped setup file contains product information


Step 2: Prepare Response file

Prepare response file required during silent installation to supply necessary input parameters

Sample Response file is present under

Response file contains below Mandatory parameters:
Unix group which will have write permissions on the installer inventory directory

Complete path of the products.xml file from the staging area where you untared your patch set.

Full path of existing Oracle Home directory to use for installing Oracle patch set , i.e. the target "Oracle Home"

Oracle Home Name. Used in creating folders and can be found in below location ..

This variable holds the hostname of the system as set by the user.

Oracle MOS login username

To bypass connecting to MOS, if not specified it throws below error

Keep all rest of the parameters as it is in sample response file

      Step 3:  Silent Installation

      ./runInstaller -silent –responseFile /exports/10205_patch/Disk1/response/patchset.rsp

      Step 4:  Run
      Execute from Second session present in $ORACLE_HOME/

      & press enter in 1st session  

      Perform post patching steps like startup upgrade,catupgrd.sql & utlrp.sql